Smart TV App Development: Guide On How to Create A Smart TV App

Just a few years ago, the TV market gained a new vector of development – Smart TV. The technology has opened up new opportunities for fans of comfortable home entertainment. Smart TV apps are the future of home viewing. What is a smart TV app, how to create it, and how much will it cost? Let’s get to the bottom of it.

What is a smart TV app?

There are several options for turning your TV into a full-fledged entertainment channel:

  • Buy a Smart TV set-top box and connect it to the TV;
  • Buy a TV with integrated Smart TV functionality.

In both cases, extending the functionality of the TV is done with the help of apps. Actually, this is what smart TV apps are all about.

What should be in a good smart TV app?

A smart TV is something like a computer or laptop. Smart TV app not only allows users to watch standard shows but also gives them other features:

  • Watch movies, TV series, TV shows on the Internet from special services, such as Netflix or YouTube;
  • Read news and other information materials;
  • Browse social media;
  • Make calls using Skype or another similar application;
  • Play a variety of games, including educational games for children.

All of this, however, becomes available only after the installation of applications. And there are not many of them freely available yet. That is why it is profitable to order the Android smart TV app development. This allows you to get ahead of less quick-witted competitors and gain an audience with minimal promotional costs.

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How does the smart TV app development process work?

The smart TV app development process consists of several key steps. Let’s take a closer look at them using the expertise of the Perfsol development company as an example.

IT Consulting

This is the first stage during which the developer talks to the customer and defines what the customer wants to get.

UX/UI design

Here designers define the way the smart TV app will look and how the user will interact with the elements in it.


At this stage, the code for the smart TV app is written.


This term should be understood as the release of the smart TV app. The app store release is a full-fledged stage of work that requires a lot of time. 

Post-release support

This is followed by ensuring smooth work and updates of the smart TV app.

How much does it cost to develop a smart TV app?

So, we’ve talked about the smart TV apps themselves, their functions, and told you how to create such software. But how much will it cost? Of course, there is no single answer. The cost of a smart TV app depends on the number of platforms and a set of functions. According to rough estimates, the average cost of a smart TV app development in the USA is between $20,000 and $40,000.

Is there a way to lower the price without losing quality? Absolutely, and it’s pretty easy to do. You need to find a smart TV app development company in a region where the cost per hour for a specialist’s work is lower than yours. For example, a team from Eastern Europe can build you a smart TV app at half the price of the US or Western Europe.

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Smart TV apps are now gaining popularity gradually replacing traditional cable TV. In the future, it is unlikely that the model of content consumption through TV will change, but the purchase of movies will become more common. The wealth of customers is growing, and downloading pirated content requires more action than a simple purchase that does not require getting up from the couch. Therefore, the sphere is popular and in demand, although it requires the business to make certain investments of time and money. In any case, in the long term development of a smart TV app will pay off many times over. 

The main thing is to find a reliable technology partner that can create a truly beautiful and comfortable smart TV app, which will win the hearts of users. For example, you can choose the smart TV app development company Perfsol for this task. Our portfolio has many smart TV app development projects and satisfied customers. Just contact us and we will take care of the rest.

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