How the Game Changes When You Play With Friends?

This article will teach you what it truly means to play with friends rather than random strangers. Often, gamers don’t think twice about what might be causing them to not enjoy the game as much as they used to. In a lot of cases, this has to do with whom you play it. Even solo players admit that some activities are best done in a group. That’s not to say that specific activities can’t even be started without a fireteam assembled. Even though Destiny 2 is 6 years old, the reason why many players burn out while others continue to enjoy it lies in how you spend your time in the game—alone, with randoms, or with friends.

The benefits of playing a game with someone you know are too obvious, aren’t they? Well, in this article you will find a few of those you might not even know about. Especially when it comes to immersing yourself in the game versus fooling around with your mates, making everything around you look cheesy. Remember, there’s also PvP in this game, where you literally can’t do it solo. You’ll always be put in a team, and it’s up to you whether your teammates will be someone you totally don’t know or someone you know you can trust and win with. 

These and other curious facts about how to choose your teammates and where to find them are grouped up nicely in that article, which, frankly, you cannot miss!

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